QuiltCon {2013} Recap

QuiltCon is over. There was so much build-up and excitement, and now I’m having post-awesomeness withdrawal. It was so cool to meet people that I’ve corresponded with or followed online for years now.  And, of course, I had an awesome time with the my group of quilty girlfriends. The event itself was very professionally pulled together – great signage, variety of vendors and exhibitors, an impressive line-up of lecturers and teachers. I was able to attend many lectures and a full-day workshop with the incredibly inspiring Anna Maria Horner.


{Things I loved: Arriving at QuiltCon. Staying so close to the convention center that I could see it from my bed in our hotel. Hamming it up in my Dallas MQG t-shirt. Having Moda Fabrics on my name tag. The absolutely wonderful handmade ribbons for the winning quilts. :)}

The show was smaller than I expected, but there were still a dangerous amount of vendor booths. I tried to exhibit self-control because fabric is THE LAST THING I need but there were so many, many lovely things that wanted to come home with me.


{My pile of QuiltCon goodies minus a few last-minute Sunday afternoon purchases.}

I fell in love with the Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern when I first saw it a few weeks ago (at Quilt Asylum in McKinney) and one of the vendors at QuiltCon had a kit! They had the finished top on display and then one kit below it. Of course, I snatched it up and went immediately to the check out to make it mine. I was already imagining myself in the hotel room, opening the kit, and fondling the fabric. I was literally laying my head on it like a pillow and telling my friends how much I loved it when the woman in the booth said (very kindly) “That’s a pre-order. You can’t actually take that one home.” It was difficult (and kinda embarrassing!) but I did manage to hand it back. Hope mine comes in the mail soon.


{Green Tea and Sweet Beans kit from Sewing Party}

I spent some time in the Moda booth, and it was super fun to be on the other side of the counter. I loved meeting people who read the Moda Bake Shop, and telling others what it’s all about. All of the quilts you see on display are free patterns from the Bake Shop.


{Hello, Moda Bake Shop}

Moda had a super fun photo booth and a variety of signs and props to spice up your photos. This is one of my more tame pictures. 😉


{Love you, Moda Fabrics!}

I was lucky enough to be asked to demonstrate some modern quilt blocks using Moda pre-cuts, and I had a blast. Quilting is probably the only thing I’d feel so comfortable talking about in front of an audience and a camera.

{See more of my demo HERE}

2013-02-23 12.57.21

{Yeah, that’s me.}

The highlight of the weekend was probably hearing Denyse Schmidt speak. She is such an icon in the modern quilting world, but she’s also someone that has a relatively small online presence – no blog, no Twitter, etc. I knew almost nothing about her personally so I was blown away by her graciousness and eloquence. She is truly an artist, and her love of fabric and quilting is so inspiring. One of the things that endeared her to me is that she sketches each quilt design as it would look on a bed. Given the high price of her couture quilts and the fact that many of her pieces hang in museums, I was delighted to know that she obviously wants them to be used. And many of the quilts in the Denyse Schmidt exhibit had been washed, which is something I haven’t really seen in other quilt shows. It made me smile.

The next QuiltCon is in 2015, and I am already thinking about how I can maximize those four days.  So. Much. Fun.

3 thoughts on “QuiltCon {2013} Recap

  1. Erika Mulvenna says:

    Hi Lisa – I’m sorry I didn’t meet-up with you at QuiltCon! There was so much going on and so much to do, I felt like I missed just slowing down and talking to people. 🙂 Hope to meet you at the next QuiltCon!

  2. Meredithe says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you SO much for this great post. For those of us on the other side of the world who couldn’t get there, but had been hearing all about it in the lead up, I now almost feel like I’ve been!! Glad you had such a great time, love your purchases, and laughed at your Green Tea and Sweet Beans story – hope it arrives soon!!

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