Rylee’s Quilt

rylee's quilt 

This quilt was made for a good friend’s new baby – a tiny, sweet girl named Rylee Paige.  Her mom Amanda is the Vice President of the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. The quilt was a collaboration between the guild officers, inspired by our friend April’s version (also a guild member! I can’t tell you enough how fun, talented, and inspiring the DMQG ladies are.)

Each of the ladies contributed the bunting flags from their stash, and I put the quilt together.

rylee's quilt

(Don’t you love the pieced flags by Monica?)

rylee's quilt - detail 

Little Rylee even has some yet-to-be-released Sherbet Pips courtesy of the famous Jenny Garland. 😉

This quilt  was finished at Thanksgiving and I had to keep it a secret until all of us were able to get together and give it to Amanda. I’m terrible at keeping good secrets so that was a rough few weeks for me. I wanted to tell Amanda every time I saw her in person, on Facebook, or on email. Torture, I tell you!

I know we are all so happy to know you, Amanda, and be a part of your family’s life. We can’t wait to watch Rylee grow into this quilt. Congratulations!



  1. Gina says:

    Great job Lisa….it has your touch!

  2. yahaira says:

    such a happy quilt! love it!!

  3. What a neat idea, to have everyone contribute for the quilt! I love this quilt, it’s just beautiful 🙂

  4. Jenny says:

    It turned out SO cute!! It fits Amanda’s (and Rylee Paige’s) cheery personalities 🙂 Thanks for working on it all!!

  5. Ally F says:

    It look so GREAT!

  6. Joanna says:

    Oh my… i LOVE the way you guys used modern fabrics and
    mixed them in with several swatches from my collections. I always
    “see” them that way but most people don’t think to mix the more
    modern with my more vintage ones. Just love it! thanks for sharing,
    Joanna Fig Tree & Co.

  7. Rylee says:

    Yay for someone else who spells Rylee correctly lol! The
    quilt looks awesome as well.

  8. Shanon says:

    This is gorgeous!!

  9. Carrie says:

    I’m in LOVE with this quilt!!!

  10. Tricia says:

    This Quilt is the reason I love quilting. Fresh, Creative, Uplifting. I would love to get the pattern… please share!

  11. Rylee says:

    Love how this turned out! I have been loving the bunting I have been seeing all around the craft world lately, and seeing it in quilt form is great. Plus its always good to hear of another Rylee who spells her name correctly lol!


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