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So You Want to Be a Quilter?

This  post is part of my Learn to Quilt series. You can find all related posts {here}. When I tell people that I am a quilter, almost without fail, they tell me that they’ve always wanted to learn to quilt. They usually say it wistfully while glancing off in the distance, as if learning to […]


Hexagons are everywhere these days, in the quilting world and among the “regular people.” It’s just one of those design trends like ombré and chevrons that’s become really popular in the last year or two. Tonight I was looking for lamps at World Market, and I spotted this hexagon wine rack. I’m pretty sure if […]

Late Night Sewing

Since Ben has started going to bed alone (progress! We have been co-sleeping and it can be a roller coaster of good and bad), nighttime is my favorite time again. It means at least a couple of uninterrupted hours of sewing. Tonight I pulled out my courthouse step blocks from the Second Time Around the […]

DMQG Round Robin

One center. Five borders. Six months. Lots of amazing quilts. The Dallas MQG hosted a Round Robin this year, and our July meeting was the big reveal. We were matched up in nests of 5 or 6 women and we passed our center blocks around each month for a new border from the other members in […]