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When I tell people that I am a quilter, almost without fail, they tell me that they’ve always wanted to learn to quilt. They usually say it wistfully while glancing off in the distance, as if learning to quilt is a monumental task like, say, flying to the moon. I’m here to tell you, it’s not. All we do is cut fabric into small pieces and sew it right back together. Anyone can do it. You can do it. And you should do it. Quilting is fun, therapeutic, creative, relaxing, challenging,,,and maybe most surprisingly of all, it’s a social activity.

I am a 100% self-taught quilter.  I’ve learned some things the hard way and I still have others to learn, but I’ve gotten pretty good at the basics. I want to share all that I’ve learned with you. If you want to learn to quilt, need to brush up your skills, or just want to hear what I have to say, join me every Monday and Thursday for my Learn to Quilt series. It is geared towards the total novice quilter, but there will definitely be some tips for those of you who are already quilting. Here are the topics I’m going to cover:

See you on Monday for Lesson 1 – Learn to Quilt: Basic Skills.

I almost don’t want to admit this because it was such a “duh” moment. With one simple, simple thing, I made quilting so much easier on myself. What did I do? I got the folding table out of the garage and set it up at the end of my sewing table. Hello, genius…

So. Much. Easier. Why didn’t I do this ages ago? Behold the quilting acreage:

In an hour today, I quilted 25% of this quilt. I spent the last year thinking I had so little time to sew now that I have a baby, but I think I was just looking at the big picture…all of those projects I’ve started or want to start. But if you just look at it one hour at a time, it’s easy to make progress. Just a few more evenings after baby’s bedtime and this quilt will be DONE.

I’m using Aurifil #4657 to quilt it – at least half of the blocks. I’ll probably switch to my go-to light gray (Aurifil #2600) that blends with everything for the blocks sashed in navy. Maybe next week I can show off the finished quilt.

Hexagons are everywhere these days, in the quilting world and among the “regular people.” It’s just one of those design trends like ombré and chevrons that’s become really popular in the last year or two. Tonight I was looking for lamps at World Market, and I spotted this hexagon wine rack. I’m pretty sure if it were aqua, most quilters I know would put one in their sewing room. Right there on the cutting table. Very quilty, right? 😉


Since Ben has started going to bed alone (progress! We have been co-sleeping and it can be a roller coaster of good and bad), nighttime is my favorite time again. It means at least a couple of uninterrupted hours of sewing. Tonight I pulled out my courthouse step blocks from the Second Time Around the Block bee. Man, I love this quilt already!

Courthouse steps was perhaps not the wisest choice for a bee since it requires accuracy – or at least consistent inaccuracy – and that is tricky with twelve different quilters and machines. Most of the blocks are precisely 12.5″ or very close to it, some need a little fudging and some are way off. But that’s okay because they’re all beautifully sewn and the ones that don’t work on the front will work on the back. The steps pattern looks pretty obvious in the photo though it is less obvious in person. I’m hoping it will become more apparent as I get more blocks sewn together. I didn’t plan this quilt and I was expecting to have to make a lot of blocks to make the ones I received fit together, but I’ll only have to make six. If I had planned, the four color layout would be consistent and repetitive but I actually like the scrappiness of this no-plan version.


One center. Five borders. Six months. Lots of amazing quilts.

The Dallas MQG hosted a Round Robin this year, and our July meeting was the big reveal. We were matched up in nests of 5 or 6 women and we passed our center blocks around each month for a new border from the other members in our nest. My center block was a modified Swoon block with a fussy cut bit of Far Far Away from Heather Ross at the center. That’s my good friend Angie holding my quilt up for the reveal. She paper-pieced the “Happily Ever After” border. WOW, right? She used Castle Peeps fabric and it’s the absolute perfect addition to the quilt. All the other ladies in my group did such a nice job, too. My other favorite border is the “Once Upon a Time” one. Love how they went with the fairytale theme from my starting fabric.

Here is everyone from my nest holding her own quilt top:

There were some truly amazing quilts at the reveal. You can see all of them in the Dallas MQG Flickr photostream.