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To Upholster…Or Not?

{If you’re here for the Classic Modern Quilts blog tour, hop down to this post} I have this cute vintage stool. My great grandmother had a similar one that is now at my great-aunt’s home (Cosco brand – they still make it! Vintage-y looking and all!) I love the bright yellow vinyl but I’ve also […]

So You Want to Be a Quilter?

This  post is part of my Learn to Quilt series. You can find all related posts {here}. When I tell people that I am a quilter, almost without fail, they tell me that they’ve always wanted to learn to quilt. They usually say it wistfully while glancing off in the distance, as if learning to […]

Tutorial: Creating Quilt Labels

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my quilt labels. I created the design in Photoshop and then had them printed by Spoonflower. I know that most people don’t have access to Photoshop  but you can still create something custom and stylish using software you probably do have – Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s a surprisingly versatile […]

A Stash Pact

I am a fabric addict. My sewing room is literally bursting at the seams with fabric and since my son was born, scrapbooking supplies. My friend Lucia and I have shared our fabric/scrapping obsession over the years, and we both came to a conclusion earlier this year. We no longer enjoy adding to the fabric […]