The sun came out yesterday so I was finally able to get outside and take some pictures. The fabrics used are Bleeker Street by Michelle D’Amore and Chocolate Lollipop from Anna Maria Horner. I used a robin’s egg blue binding.

Baby Blue Zigzag Quilt 

I used scraps from the front to piece the back.

Baby Blue Zigzag Quilt 

Dimensions: 36″ x 45″

Fabrics: Bleeker Street by Michelle D’Amore, Chocolate Lollipop by Anna Maria Horner solids from Bella Solids by Moda

Started: July 2009

Completed: July 2009

I used bamboo batting for this quilt and it feels really soft and nice after washing. It wasn’t any different for quilting than the organic cotton I normally use and it’s eco-friendly so I will definitely use it again.

My dogs enjoyed this quilt, too.  They took turns posing on it for me.

Will on the Zigzag Quilt 

Moose on the Zigzag Quilt 

And then they had a fight:

Min Pins on Zigzag Quilt 

Don’t worry! No miniature pinschers were injured in the making of this photo! They are professionals.

It was a pretty productive weekend in the Sophia Aster sweatshop. I think it was because the 100+ degree weather kept me inside (and sweaty – My husband has been on my case to change the light bulbs in my  sewing room to CFLs because the traditional bulbs use too much energy and make the room HOT. Between the lights and the hot iron, my sewing room really does get stuffy on hot days.)  I started the Arcadia pillows that I showed off yesterday and I made some serious headway on my in-progress quilts. I finished binding the Wonderland Stacked Coins quilt and I got about halfway through binding the Hello Baby Quilt. I ended up removing all of my safety pins and basting from the Hello Baby quilt and using basting spray because it worked so well on my test run for the Wonderland quilt. No more basting and pinning for me! Spray is the way to go.

Also, check two items off my summer fabric wish list! I am now the proud owner of a Wonderland FQ bundle and a Sweet FQ bundle.

Yummy Fat Quarter Bundles

Yummy Fat Quarter Bundles

I have a couple of quilts in mind for these two collections – something with hexagons or tumblers and the Candy Buttons Quilt I saw on Moda Bake Shop.

[for part 1 of this tutorial, click here]
Finishing the Pillow
I finished up the quilting and spent 5 minutes trimming my loose thread ends.  I left some loose threads on the back because it will be inside the pillow, which is a little bit unfortunate because I love how the back looks. This would really be a beautiful quilt (But heavy! Even this 18×18 pillow front is quite substantial.)

Cathedral Window Pillow - Back 

Then I trimmed off the extra fabric.

Trimming the edges 

I debated about adding a border around the quilted section to make the pillow a little bit larger. In the end, I decided to skip it, mostly because it was another step. I chose a khaki twill I had on hand for the backing and sewed in a 12-inch zipper.

Making the pillow 

Whenever I make a pillow, after the backing and front are complete, I run both through the serger. I like my pillows to have tidy edges with no fraying inside of the pillow and serged edges make it easy to sew it all together in the end.

Making the pillow 

Then all I did was sew it all together! Tada!

Arcadia Cathedral Windows

Finishing this quilt was a really nice feeling. I absolutely love how it turned out. The colors are just so happy!


Wonderland Stacked Coins 


Wonderland Stacked Coins - Back 

Dimensions: 60? x 60?

Fabrics: Wonderland by Momo, Bella Solids from Moda

Started: June 2009

Completed: July 2009

While I was taking these pictures, my neighbor’s new puppy came over to investigate through the fence. You can just see her little black face in the center of this picture:

Peeking through the fence 

She’s a cutie! I give her (and her big brother, a chocolate lab) treats through the fence so now she comes over to see me whenever I’m in the back yard.

I started a new pillow for my living room. I ordered some extra Arcadia fabric so I will be able to make a quilt and some other items. This collection is the absolute perfect style and color scheme for our living room.

Making the Pillow
First, I made my cathedral window blocks. Then I sewed 16 blocks together so my finished pillow will be about 18 x 18 (20 x 20 if I decide to add a border around the edge).

Cathedral Window Pillow

Next, I cut my “windows.” I used 2 1/2-inch squares of Arcadia fabric. I had a jelly roll so it made cutting quick and easy.

Arcadia Jelly Roll 

Now it’s time for fabric placement. I played with a few different arrangements to make sure the colors were evenly placed and then I pinned the squares in place.

Cathedral Window Pillow 

I sewed about a fourth of the windows last night. (I stayed up way too late because I was so enthralled with how they were coming out.) I will definitely get this pillow finished tonight!

Cathedral Window Pillow 

Cathedral Window Pillow

[for part 2 of this tutorial, click here]