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To Upholster…Or Not?

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VMQ-fall-patterns-1I have this cute vintage stool. My great grandmother had a similar one that is now at my great-aunt’s home (Cosco brand – they still make it! Vintage-y looking and all!) I love the bright yellow vinyl but I’ve also been toying with the idea of changing it out. I have bits of this Dwell Studio print throughout our living and dining areas (which are open to the kitchen where the stool main resides).


Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom

Too formal?


Dwell Studio Bella Porte

The same color and same fabric collection in a more casual print


Ellen Luckett Baker Tulips

Something totally different with a sweet vintage feel – yet still timeless, right?


Denyse Schmidt County Fair

And this would be a new look entirely…but I’d keep the yellow vinyl piping for contrast. For all of these options, the plan is to add Pellon vinyl fuse to laminate the fabrics for practical reasons.  Should I even bother, though? Is the stool perfect as is?

New Year, New Style

There is no better time to start fresh than January, right? We always do a purge after the holidays, and I’m in the mood to brighten up our house for spring (which could be right around the corner here in Texas. Please, spring, hurry up!). I always see the cutest things at Target. Best of all, their stuff is cheap and right on trend. I saw several things during my last visit that I am considering bringing home to live with us.

I’m not normally a knickknacks person, but I loved these to add some shine and “pretty” to our bedroom:


{1 – Aqua Glass Vases, 2 – Parrot Figurine}

And for the living room:


{3 – Cream Textured Pillow, 4 – Round Tufted Storage Ottoman, 5 – One Drawer Accent Table}

That pillow would be so easy to DIY. I’m pretty sure it’s just strips of twill tape, which I have tons of. But really, am I going to make one? Doubtful. I’m liking the ottoman more for the shape than the fabric. We do have pops of yellow in our living room, but that print is…country? 80s? I don’t love it. But the little side table is very stylish. It would be a great mid-century modern (MCM) accent in our 1950s ranch house. The only thing holding me back is that it is relatively inexpensive to buy a genuine MCM end table that is made of 100% wood. Not sure what that one is made from.

Check in next week to see how to vases and parrots look in our bedroom.