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Christmas Labels

Are you still wrapping presents?! Don’t feel bad. I usually am, too, but this year I seem to be ahead of the game.
VMQ-gift-wrap-1 Gift wrapping is honestly not one of my favorite things to do but it really does look so pretty when you take the time to do a nice job. This year I put bows and ribbon on every package. I used this this candy stripe ribbon and this poly satin ribbon. The striped ribbon wins for cuteness but the poly is much easier to work with.


I usually DIY or print labels using one of the bajillion cute printable gift labels out there, but this year I thought I’d take the even easier route and print mine on label stickers (that I already had! WIN). I used Martha Stewart for Avery labels in white (these might only be available in stores) and kraft. (These are available exclusively at Staples, I believe. That’s where I bought mine.)

If you’d like to make your own MS labels, download the Word template {here}. You’ll also need {Prestige Elite Std} font and {A Gentle Touch} font or you can use two of your favorites. For the kraft gift wrap, you’ll need a roll of kraft paper (find it at the dollar store), white ink, and some holiday stamps.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Christmas Wreath

Yes, it really is December already. My door says so.

And he’s going to be here very soon. It seems like Thanksgiving stole a little bit of Christmas thunder waiting until three days before December to make an appearance. I still have pumpkins on my front porch (but there’s a wreath on the door!) I’m actually hoping the squirrels will polish off the pumpkins as they’ve been slowly eating them up since October.

Tree lighting at Casa Linda

Tree lighting at Casa Linda

I have been pretty consumed with projects. I’m actually a little bit panicky that 2014 is so close because I could use a bit more of 2013, please. Just two or ten more weeks.

Christmas Lights

Two very fun things are happening this week that will be a nice distraction – First, the Dallas MQG monthly meeting + ornament swap + cookie exchange. That is always such a fun meeting and um, cookies! Second, there is a Moda Holiday “Pin” Party tomorrow. There’s a party here in Dallas plus an online event for everyone else. We are all going to bring a yummy recipe from Pinterest and chat and share holiday pretty/tasty/fun ideas. I’m sure I’ll blog about it but you can definitely see what we’re doing on my Instagram feed. I need to Pinterest some hair and outfit ideas!

To Upholster…Or Not?

{If you’re here for the Classic Modern Quilts blog tour, hop down to this post}
VMQ-fall-patterns-1I have this cute vintage stool. My great grandmother had a similar one that is now at my great-aunt’s home (Cosco brand – they still make it! Vintage-y looking and all!) I love the bright yellow vinyl but I’ve also been toying with the idea of changing it out. I have bits of this Dwell Studio print throughout our living and dining areas (which are open to the kitchen where the stool main resides).


Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom

Too formal?


Dwell Studio Bella Porte

The same color and same fabric collection in a more casual print


Ellen Luckett Baker Tulips

Something totally different with a sweet vintage feel – yet still timeless, right?


Denyse Schmidt County Fair

And this would be a new look entirely…but I’d keep the yellow vinyl piping for contrast. For all of these options, the plan is to add Pellon vinyl fuse to laminate the fabrics for practical reasons.  Should I even bother, though? Is the stool perfect as is?

Christmas Sewing

It’s almost that time of year! I’m getting a much earlier start than usual because I needed a few holiday props for family photos last weekend. I made a chalkboard sign…

Christmas is Coming

And started an advent calender (that I still have to finish)…

Christmas is Coming

I also started a quilt using lots of red from my stash and Camille Roskelley’s new Puddle Jumping pattern. (She also has an adorable mini version that I’m going to make with my scraps)

Christmas is Coming

(berry baskets from World Market)

I finished the quilt top in just a couple of days but sadly I didn’t have it ready to use in our photos. Next year for sure.

Christmas Sewing

I have a really nice red and white print I was planning to use for the backing, but I saw this flannel at JoAnn’s today and I could not resist.

Christmas Sewing

Snuggle Flannel Fabric-Farm Dog

It’s such a cute print and at only $2.98 a yard how could I not take it home? That’s just over $14 for a quilt backing. What?! Unheard of. I almost want to go back and get enough to make us all matching PJ pants. But maybe that’s too much of a good thing. We’d be camouflaged in our Christmas quilt.

Basting is happening tonight and I am so excited to quilt this. Not sure what quilting design to use, though. Any thoughts?

(And thanks to everyone stopping by and commenting on the blog hop. The giveaway is still open until November 22.)

8 Little Days

{Sewing for All Seasons; Moose enjoys the nap mat; Organized quilting; Ben at the Arboretum; Pattern sewing}

A few days ago it was still blistering hot September and now we are firmly into October. The first 8 days of the month have been filled to the brim with sewing, family, sickness, domestic triumphs and failures, birthday celebrations, travel, the truly mundane,  and the incredibly exciting. And pumpkins! Of course.

{Fitbit Flex data; My mom was a quilter; Moose with his Papaw; Fall palm trees in Houston; Victoria the Chihuahua; Attic treasures; American Girl dolls; Ben at brunch; Birthday makeup; Not feeling well; Moo Moo}

There has been so much activity crammed into these little 8 days of October that I can hardly believe it.  Much of it is of the mundane variety but the two big items are: 1.  I will be selling a couple of quilts from my personal collection and 2. I am writing some patterns that will be available for purchase digitally very soon and in paper form soon-ish.  More info to come about both things.

Project Life: 2013 So Far

I’ve written about Project Life once or twice before – in simple terms, it’s easy scrapbooking. The focus is on photos instead of embellishments and techniques. The idea is to take one photo a day for the entire year. I’m doing a simpler version with fewer photos per week. I recently created my week cards and I had so much fun looking back over our year that I thought I’d share them,

These photos are just one from each spread for the week but I like how together they give a glimpse into our life – lots of Ben, some sewing, travel, food, gardening – there’s a little bit of all three of us.

PL-2013-collage-01 PL-2013-Collage-02 PL-2013-Collage-03 PL-2013-Collage-04 PL-2013-Collage-05 PL-2013-Collage-06 PL-2013-Collage-07 PL-2013-Collage-08 PL-2013-Collage-09

If you are not doing anything to document your life or even to organize and print your photos, start something now! I can’t begin to tell you how much we all enjoy flipping through our family photo albums. In 10 years, I know I won’t remember much of our daily life and the cute little things that Ben says and does. but these albums will remind me. (and if you’re wondering, many of the photos in my recent albums are iPhone photos. There is no way I could document on a daily basis relying solely on a regular camera. So don’t feel like your photos aren’t worth printing if they’re from your phone.)

Bright and Bold

Today I am celebrating getting my sewing machine back from servicing (in only 2 hours!) with a new stack of beautiful solids. A freshly oiled and cleaned machine is the perfect reason to start a new project! I’m going for an all-solids quilt with a bold color palette:

Bright and Bold

These are all Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics. From top to bottom:

9900-135 | Marine
9900-226 | Bright Turquoise
9900-34 | Aqua
9900-234 | Evergreen
9900-192  |  Leaf
9900-250  | Daffodil
9900-213  | Mustard
9900-255  | Tangerine
9900-27 | 30s Pink
9900-92 | Magenta
9900-106 | Earth
9900-200 | Off White (shown in background)

I had a helper (who should have been napping but refused) on this photo shoot.


He loves tidy stacks of things like fabric. They’re perfect for throwing around the room, putting in the laundry bin, or otherwise creating chaos. I pretended to cry after he pushed this stack on the floor and he giggled and said “little bit more crying, please.” Such a rascal.

Too Hot for Anything Else

Dog Days of Summer

The dogs days of summer are here (104 today). You know how dogs lay  around all day? It’s so hot this time of year that we’re all feeling that way. The only thing to do is something inside, in the air conditioning. That makes it perfect quilting weather.

I spent most of yesterday with a group of friends from the Dallas MQG at Sunday Sew at Urban Spools.  I used the long-arm to baste one of my WIPs and started the binding on this fella:

Too Hot

(quilted by Michelle Kitto – I’ll show more detail once the whole thing is done)

I could sure use something interesting to watch while I hand sew those 340 inches of binding. My son is currently obsessed with Dumbo and its pretty much playing on a loop over here. What are you watching this summer? I need a new show desperately.

Tidy Time

A couple of years ago, my husband designated 4 pm as “Tidy Time” and he would fold laundry and put things away for about an hour. I know that he was gently trying to inspire me to clean the place up, but it really hasn’t stuck.  (I blame the often cluttered surfaces in our home on the lack of storage in our 1950s house.) I try in my own chaotic way to purge and clean and put things away.

My destash sale was a big help (THANKS!) and I will definitely be doing that again to reduce the volume in the sewing  space.  It also forced me to tidy up some piles around the room.

Time for spring cleaning (i.e., fabric organization)

In the process of tidying and sorting, I found mass yardage of Amy Butler prints to destash as well as a this cute mini I forgot I ever made:

A perk of deep cleaning: finding things you forgot making #quilting #vintagemodernquilts

I guess one of the perks of being neat is always knowing where your stuff is. My wallet was lost for a good part of the week. It disappeared one evening after I was doing some online shopping. I looked everywhere for it and felt very annoyed/frustrated/resigned to always losing things under piles of fabric. Tonight I found the wallet deep under my son’s book shelf.

Naughty baby and perpetual unfolder of fabric:

He's enjoying the fabric chaos in my sewing room today #quilting

I finished two more WIPs this week (HOORAY) so weather please be lovely tomorrow so I can photograph them. (I started two new projects today (using scraps so they almost don’t count as new, right?) which sort of offsets my two finishes. Blast.)