The Land of Unfinished Quilts

I decided that this summer would be a good time to catch up on my quilt tops. I knew I had a few in my closet that were ready to be quilted…I just didn’t recall quite how many. It was a fun and daunting surprise to see that there are 22 of them hiding in there. Here are a few favorites – the ones I’d really like to finish up and start using. That’s what quilts are for after all.

First up, I call this one the Hot Mess Strip Quilt.

It’s made from a jumble of solid jelly roll strips. I just cut and sewed, cut some more and sewed some more. I used scraps from this one to make some wall art for my bedroom and once it is finished, this quilt will live on my bed.

I just can’t decide if I should send it off for long-arming (something geometric!) or do some fiddly hand quilting on it. It’s king-sized with a pretty generous drape so hand quilting would be a lifestyle choice.

Next are some long-time loves – a trio of vintage quilt tops that have seen better days. Two are string quilts with some truly fabulous vintage prints. Unfortunately both of these have some torn seams that I will have to repair.

The hexagon quilt is fun because it is such an unusual citron/lime green. It’s missing a few hexagons to be complete so I’ll have to get creative or make this one smaller than its original maker intended.

My three year old daughter was very excited about the next one – a round robin from my small group in the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. We did these about 6 years ago!!! (or more. I can’t remember anything anymore) This one definitely deserves some custom long arm quilting. This photo only shows a fraction of the amazing work the ladies did to make my center Swoon block pop.

This improv one is a newly remembered favorite! I started with a panel of Melody MIller typewriters from one of her old collections with Kokka. Then a few coordinating solids and lots of white…

And this list would not be complete without my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt but that one deserves a post of its own!

Thanks for stopping in today. I’ve been wanting to blog more all year long but it’s hard to find the time and the inspiration. You can also follow me on Instagram to check in more regularly.

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