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If you have found this page via Pinterest, please read!  This was originally posted in August 2013. I do not sell kits for the items shown below. Links are provided for the Etsy shops where these kits were sourced There are many other shops selling chenille squares on Etsy and Ebay if those listed are no longer in business.

As if my love of fabric isn’t bad enough…I have developed a new textile crush.

Vintage chenille!

Years ago, I found a plain white King size vintage chenille bedspread at a flea market and used it in many baby quilts.. It was perfect for backing (cheaper and prettier than minky) and it made great little loveys/rag quilts.

It comes in all of those sweet 1940s/50s shades of butter yellow, pink, celery green, and aqua.

Even the more 60s/70s hues are beautiful:

I think a chenille patchwork throw would be so nice this fall/winter. Not a rag quilt, but something simply pieced, and most likely tied or stitch-in-the-ditch. Would you or have you made a chenille quilt?

Photos via Etsy:

Masons Cottage
Alora’s Adorables
Chenille Amour

22 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession

  1. Audrey says:

    Great idea! I have my grandmother’s chenille spread, it’s peach. I’m hanging on to it for the perfect project, just not sure what that will be. This gives me a few ideas, Thanks!!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    I recently made my grand daughter a quilt using a mix of chenille and vintage embroidery squares
    . I tied the quilt to add to the texture…she’s two and loves her blankie!

  3. Anne Pagliai says:

    I can’t wait to start combing the local thrift stores for chenille bedspreads. I love the idea of a scrappy quilt made with vintage bedspreads!

    • Lyn Walsh says:

      How lucky are you all that you can purchase these peices with not a lot of expence for postage.
      I live in australia and would buy them all if postage wasnt a bigger part of the purchase .
      The quilts on ebay are amazing
      We have mothing like that here
      The pattetns and colours are to die for
      We have had a few manufacturers yrs ago but patterns were nothing like the POPCORN or roses that are from america
      I to have developed a obsession with chenille
      Love love love it

  4. Kim says:

    I have made several of these chenille quilts and they turn out great as long as use use a walking foot on your machine. Many vintage chenille spreads are worth a lot of money, but only if in good condition. I only have the heart to cut up ones that have holes or other defects that can’t be repaired. These vintage chenille spreads make excellent backing for quilts as they are worn and so soft. They always get ooo’s and ahhhh’s when I give them as gifts!

  5. Meg Gilbert says:

    I’ve collected these for over 25 years. I’ve recently bought a few squares to add to my collection. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  6. phyliss says:

    I purchased a set of vintage chenille squares from Etsy. This all white quilt is for my first grandchild. I selected a small rosebud pattern flannel for the backing.

  7. Joanne Scobee Morgan says:

    I recently wanted some chenille squares for a baby quilt I was making. It’s so easy to make it yourself! I ended up making flannel 9 patches, and plain flannel squares. On those, I made all sorts of flowers and stems with chenille strips that I made. stack up 4 or 5 pieces of fabric of any 100% cotton, silk, etc. the more layers the prettier, sew rows about 3/4-1″ apart then cut out rows between the stitches. You cannot screw up chenille. Now you have a funky little strip with a row of stitching down the center. I cut out cotton fabric in peach, yellow, red, pink, and green in flower shapes and attached them so I’d have a guide. Then I outlined the flowers and leaves. I tried, sometimes without much success, to stitch on the same lines that I had just sewn. I wanted mine fuller, so I went back and with tiny pieces of chenille strip, filled the inside of each flower with more and more chenille strips. some just took a stitch or 2. Doesn’t look like much but the more you wash it the better it gets! It turned out beautiful.

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