Stars and 4-Patches

Stars and 4-Patches

UPDATE: I’ve had a ton of emails and comments about this pattern. It is a Moda Fabrics pattern that is available to all Moda customers (meaning your favorite local quilt shop). They may not be stocking printed versions of the pattern but they can access the digital file from Moda’s customer workstation. So go and ask them for it and be sure to buy your fabric from them, too! (edited 8/1/2013)

This quilt makes me happy! The bright, modern colors juxtaposed against the traditional pattern make my heart go pitter patter. It’s very Vintage Modern, don’t you think? The pattern is from Moda Fabrics and is part of their collection of 12-pack patterns. Each pattern is designed to use 12 fat quarters. The patterns are exclusive to quilt shops so give your local shop a call for more info.

Stars and 4-Patches

I used {this bundle} of Bella Solids for my 12 colors. The white in the background is Feather (9900-127) and I love working with it. It’s got a bit more gray than the other whites. Here’s a shot of the Bella whites together for comparison:

bella solids...whites.

This was quilted for me by Michelle Kitto of Urban  Spools. She did a beautiful job!

Stars and 4-Patches

Stars and 4-Patches

Love it. So. So. Much.

Dimensions: 72″ x  72″

Fabrics: Bella Solids by Moda Fabrics, – Pale Pink | 9900-26, Sisters Pink | 9900-145, Pink | 9900-9900-61, Popsicle | 9900-143, Citrine | 9900-211, Pesto| 9900-233, Gray | 9900-83, Stone | 9900-128, Betty’s Brown | 9900-125, Robin’s Egg | 9900-85, Seafoam | 9900-191, Turquoise | 9900-107, Feather | 9900-127

Quilting Thread: Superior Thread, quilted by Michelle Kitto of Urban  Spools

Started: March 2013

Completed: May 2013


21 thoughts on “Stars and 4-Patches

  1. judy says:

    I love your quilt the colors make my heart happy and the modern design with solids is fabulous! Your comments about the whites were very helpful.

  2. Lotje says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Really love this quilt. It feels perfect for summer!
    Would you mind if I used the idea for a do.good.stitches bee quilt? (with proper linking back to your design of course) I would be such a treat for all girls for t to make something like this, and try it together, in the July summer month!

  3. Anna says:

    Oh wow! I am completely in love with this quilt, the colours are just perfect. I am desperately trying to find the pattern to make one of my own.

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  5. Christi says:

    My daughter and I love this quilt! I would love to make one too, but have not been able to locate the pattern. I’ve tried my local quilt shop and moda websites, but no luck. Do you have any other tips you can share to help me find it?
    Thanks so much, Christi

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Alissa, I can’t send you the pattern since that would violate copyright, but I edited this post to explain how people can get ahold of the patterns since I’ve had so many inquiries.

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