Vintage Sheet Quilt

I love this quilt! I almost love it even more on the beach. The colors just seem perfectly suited for the sand dunes and ocean and blue skies. {I took this photo in Orange Beach, AL while we were visiting for the weekend. It’s so beautiful there. The sand is like super fine sugar and the water is crystal clear.}

vintage sheets quilt

I’ve been wanting to make a vintage sheet quilt for a while now, but after searching some thrift stores I decided that it was easier to get the sheets from someone else. It’s a lot of work to wash and press and cut a huge sheet into useable pieces. I bought a couple of vintage sheet fat quarter sets from Jeni of In Color Order on Etsy. Then I cut them into 6-inch squares and mixed with Bella Solids white.

This quilt top is big – about  83″ x 92″.

Another one off the WIP list!


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