Late Night Sewing

Since Ben has started going to bed alone (progress! We have been co-sleeping and it can be a roller coaster of good and bad), nighttime is my favorite time again. It means at least a couple of uninterrupted hours of sewing. Tonight I pulled out my courthouse step blocks from the Second Time Around the Block bee. Man, I love this quilt already!

Courthouse steps was perhaps not the wisest choice for a bee since it requires accuracy – or at least consistent inaccuracy – and that is tricky with twelve different quilters and machines. Most of the blocks are precisely 12.5″ or very close to it, some need a little fudging and some are way off. But that’s okay because they’re all beautifully sewn and the ones that don’t work on the front will work on the back. The steps pattern looks pretty obvious in the photo though it is less obvious in person. I’m hoping it will become more apparent as I get more blocks sewn together. I didn’t plan this quilt and I was expecting to have to make a lot of blocks to make the ones I received fit together, but I’ll only have to make six. If I had planned, the four color layout would be consistent and repetitive but I actually like the scrappiness of this no-plan version.


4 thoughts on “Late Night Sewing

  1. amy @ thecutelife :) says:

    Beautiful – I love courthouse steps blocks!! And congrats on the sleeping, that IS a big deal! We’ve co-slept on and off, though I must say, I enjoy having the bed to myself. We had to start cosleeping again because we kept traveling and going on all these vacations and our son was totally freaked out by sleeping in weird places. I think calling it a “roller coaster of good and bad” is dead on. I looove the cuddling aspect, but I absolutely hate when he’s antsy and starts kicking me in my pregnant belly. He finally started sleeping in his own bed just over a week ago and finally seems to have mastered it – so happy!

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