katie jump what?!?!

Last Friday I went to the Dallas Quilt Show with several good girlfriends. We met for a delicious diner breakfast and made it to the show just after it opened. I had a short wish list of goodies that I wanted to buy: a market tote basket and a curve master presser foot. I’m really trying to take a break from fabric buying but five booths into the show, I bought a fat quarter bundle of Amy Butler solids. Those pretty colors weakened my resolve. I was pretty proud of resisting the vintage quilty stuff at the next booth. Several of my girlfriends took home some really amazing stuff (Melanie’s quilt scraps, Monica’s vintage quilts) but I tried not to even look at the booth, knowing that I have four unfinished vintage quilt tops awaiting some TLC at my house already.

I did find my market basket, which was very exciting. These handmade baskets are from Ghana and a portion of the profits goes back to the community of weavers that makes them. They’re called bolga baskets and you can find them easily online (most of them are dyed bright colors). They’re ideal for your sewing room – I bought my first bolga basket at another quilt show in the fall and I use it to store pre-cuts and fabric stacks for future quilts. It holds a lot of stuff and looks pretty.

And it’s a good thing I bought that big old basket because there were even more fat quarter bundles that I could not resist.

quilt show goodies

Denyse Schmidt’s Katie Jump Rope and American Jane’s Peas and Carrots! Both of these bundles were priced at normal retail, not Etsy-OMG-are-you-for-real prices. If you’re searching for some hard to find fabrics, you must check out your local quilt shows. A lot of small shops don’t turn over inventory very fast and if they don’t have an online shop, the odds are very good that you’ll find some out of print goodies. (This quilt shop does have an online store with some Katie Jump Rope in stock.)

I was feeling so pleased with myself that I even did some sewing this weekend (I’ve lost my mojo recently so like Ron Burgundy it was kind of a big deal.). It’s a Union Jack block for Erica in the Ringo Pie bee.

union jack - Ringo Pie (Feb)

Can you tell that the blue fabric is 1930s bunnies? And the white fabric has tiny strawberries on it? I just wanted to point that out. 😉

8 thoughts on “katie jump what?!?!

  1. Cristin Wilson says:

    Oh my goodness, I just went to that site that still sells KJR for retail 🙂 🙂 Bought two yards of the yellow and tan dots – woohoo!!! Thanks for sharing such great info! And I’m with you with the Etsy prices…. price IS driven by demand, though. The market demands it 😉 Can you find me a shop with some Flea Market Fancy for retail? haha j/k

  2. michelle Kitto says:

    Had such a good time with you and the gals on Friday! I’ve been enjoying looking at my “goodies” all week! Can’t wait to see what you do with these fabrics. Love the Union Jack block!

  3. angie says:

    I love your Union block….thanks for pointing out the bunnies! 🙂
    You forgot to mention that you knocked over four elderly women on walkers to get your Katie Jump Rope (!)…:)
    Hope to see you Saturday.

  4. Jamie says:

    If you’re interested, I have those little strawberries in blue, green, yellow, pink and cream….. They aren’t listed right now, but I’ve got plenty of all! 😉

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