My WIP list is getting shorter.  Even though this has been a busy week with lots of holiday shopping and all the usual to-dos around the house, I’ve dedicated a few hours a day to sewing. And it’s been very therapeutic. Tonight I’m catching up on Glee and doing some free motion quilting.

quilting pebbles
[pebble quilting]

This is my Plume Charms quilt. I started it in May but put it aside because of thread issues (blogged about here). This weekend I went to my LQS and bought a soft pink spool of Aurifil for my Pfaff and she has forgiven me. The quilting is going well this time around. Thread is one of those things that I used to take for granted. For home decor or garment sewing you pretty much only use polyester so using cotton was a foreign concept for me when I first started to quilt. Then it took me a long time to find a thread that I really liked. Looking back, I think many of my early quilting woes can be blamed on inexperience and bad thread equally. What’s your favorite brand?

5 thoughts on “pebbles

  1. CJ says:

    I have been having MAJOR issues with my machine…never could get the BSR to work correctly. Took it in yet again and this tech (different one each time) told me my thread was the culprit. Sheesh. PUT SOMETHING IN THE MANUAL Bernina! So I have only quilted one little thing since then but then my garment, craft sewing looked like….well DOO DOO! I had to adjust tension over and over and over. Tech recommended that I use Mettler thread. I finally got some (I live on PODUNK!) and tonight the stitching was GREAT! Nice looking stitches on this apron.
    Gal in the same store as tech – suggested I try BOTTOM LINE (Superior) in my bobbin and then Mettler, YLI or King Tut up top. Oy!

  2. CJ says:

    All that to say…I just wanna SEW! I don’t want to have to buy and try and discard different brands of thread. Time and money down the drain?

  3. yahaira says:

    that’s so funny, I was trying out pebble quilting yesterday and was having a horrible time. I was using guttermann and it was horrid. I switched to aurifil and things went a lot smoother. I still need to practice pebble quilting to get the motion and tension right, but at least I got rid of one of my roadblocks.

    @CJ my friend has a bernina and same thing happened to her. she had to switch to mettler or superior for it to work. machines are funny things, no?

  4. Carla says:

    I bought my first spool of Aurifil recently and am in LOVE with it….such fine beautiful stitches. I have had good luck with the economical Essential Thread from Connecting Threads, but it is a much thicker thread than the Aurifil. Each have their place.

  5. Cherie Wright says:

    I’m a Superior girl, myself. I love So Fine because I don’t have to fill bobbins as often. I’ve never tried Aurifil since no one carries it in my town, but I think the most important thing is just getting good thread, no matter who makes it 🙂

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