cathedral window pillow – part 2

[for part 1 of this tutorial, click here] Finishing the Pillow
I finished up the quilting and spent 5 minutes trimming my loose thread ends.  I left some loose threads on the back because it will be inside the pillow, which is a little bit unfortunate because I love how the back looks. This would really be a beautiful quilt (But heavy! Even this 18×18 pillow front is quite substantial.)

Cathedral Window Pillow - Back 

Then I trimmed off the extra fabric.

Trimming the edges 

I debated about adding a border around the quilted section to make the pillow a little bit larger. In the end, I decided to skip it, mostly because it was another step. I chose a khaki twill I had on hand for the backing and sewed in a 12-inch zipper.

Making the pillow 

Whenever I make a pillow, after the backing and front are complete, I run both through the serger. I like my pillows to have tidy edges with no fraying inside of the pillow and serged edges make it easy to sew it all together in the end.

Making the pillow 

Then all I did was sew it all together! Tada!

Arcadia Cathedral Windows

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